Hello, and thanks for visiting the site. I am a normal person, I have good days and bad days, and I am certainly not the ideal spiritual person…so please forget any grand idea that I can heal the world.   The mediumship that has been granted to myself is just weird, I have spent almost twenty years now trying to work it out, and just when I think I get it….Yep, something else turns up!I am avialable for Materialisation Seances, workshops and readings. So, what exactly is Materialisation medimship…well the answer is in the title ( Materialisation ) this is the process where by a single or many objects are materialised, in most cases via teleports. Apports are brought in to a locked and sealed séance room, from another location. People are able to once again walk and talk as they once did before passing over, this form of mediumship allows the human soul and vibration to once again walk in our world, nothing is more evident than the voice of a loved one, a message of comfort or just a simple Hello, I am fine!

This form of mediumship is nothing new, it has been around for decades, though In most cases kept behind closed doors for obvious reason. There is also another fascinating part of this very real and recently researched phenomena such as Ectoplasm, Fully formed and separate individuals from other worlds and much more.

When I say recently researched, it actually goes way back to the days of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Winston Churchill and many other well established and noted people, all of whom have written testimony, research and evidential facts to back up there claims, Winston Churchill even visited a well known Materialisation medium while imprisoned under the then Witchcraft Act, to get further evidence, amongst amongst other reasons. Today we are able to go further, discover more with modern technology, adding to the mounting evidence that death truly is not the end, but simply a doorway to the next existence.

But do not take my word for it, instead why not read the reports, look at the evidence and decide for yourself.

You can have all the muster, determination and ability in the world, but none of it is ay good without the home circle, theses are the people with whom you can trust, totally with your life, and sit without the pressure of a public demonstration. Over the years I have seen many people come and go from the home circle environment, and to be honest it became a real problem, as it seemed ever time the circle broke down for may a reasons it affected the outcome of the work and phenomenon. Today I am very fortunate to be part of not just one home circle but several across Europe, where we can meet and see what is happening, not only with the spirits an work but with each other, to help, develop, learn, bind and grow.

Pictured left, are the Toronto Home circle and host form Lily Dale, where I try to visit and work at least three times a year, the home circle also gather regularly.Make no mistake, without the Home circle you may as well go stock shelves in in the local grocery store as your more likely to get phenomenon there than what you will without the Magic f the Home Circle.

History and research also play a mammoth part in the mediuship of today, this is and always will be a controversial subject ( Life after physical death ) Yet over the years there has been a pile of evidence stacking up going right back to the early 16th century .   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Oliver Lodge even Winston Churchill all played a part in the collecting and providing this evidence.

I have listed and provided on this site  some publications that may help those of you whom are interested to read about the research…..I highly recommend the History of Spiritualism by A C Doyle and On the edge of the etheric….happy reading.

History of Spirtualism 1 and 2 ….by Arthur Conan Doyle

On the edge of the Etheric

The Curse of Ignorance

Researches into the After Life.

The Boring part….DISCLAIMER…Yeah, I know I have seen some very long winded legal disclaimers and to be honest most of it is common sense….however I would draw your attention to the following.


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INVESTIGATING THE SÉANCE…It is no Coincidence then that The creator of Sherlock Holmes was also One of the most valued and researched psychical investigators in history , appropriate are such the words



FRAUD, ILLUSION AND BLACK MAGIC ARE commonly used to describe the work that I do, I have never given up and always stood by the spirits that work through me.  NOW for the first time there is Forensic,Scientific evidence to show once and for all that Not only am I still bound to the cabinet but that also the  Independence of the entities are a complete and separate source and that the Audio layers created by the supernatural visitors are NOT HUMAN and that it is a physical impassability to create such phenomena….you wanted the evidence, well here it is ..enjoy, and If I do say I told you so, well its been a long time over due!

A new but very old Phenomenon has taken place three times in 2016, that being water turned to wine, tested and confirmed as an alcoholic red. wine

A week long ceremony, the Lakota Sundance was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, in New York, Cassadaga near Lily Dale.

The seances are limited to Twenty people at any location, I have made it this way to ensure the best environment, in my experience less is more!


Oh, how things have changed in the last 12 years ……Wednesday 28th December 2005

I have over the past number of years, like many readers I am sure, been fortunate enough to sit in the presence of some wonderful Physical Mediums.   Colin Fry, David Thompson, Stewart Alexander, Mavis King and the late Gordon Higginson, former president of the Spiritualist National Union (SNU).   I was lucky enough to witness Gordon demonstrate the production of ectoplasm in candle light in extremely difficult conditions, and without the aid of a cabinet.On Wednesday 28th December 2005, I was privileged to sit with a young developing physical medium named Warren Caylor.   The event took place at Jenny’s Sanctuary, Banbury, a well known venue for spiritual matters and physical phenomenon.   It also the home of Warren’s development circles.The night started in the usual way, with the do’s and don’ts of the séance room procedures being read out to all in attendance.   The search was next and when every one was seated in the pre-arranged seats, Warren invited my partner Myra and me to inspect both the mediums chair and the cabinet.   No escape holes found or broken arms on the chair we returned to our seats.   Warren then left the room to prepare himself while Ron Gilkes prepared all the items that would be needed through the course of the evenings séance, and there was plenty of them, from trumpets, to bugles to drums and whistles and tambourines, and a box with a toy frog in that has lid that is bolted on, and of course the “thingamabob whistles”.When all was ready, Warren came back into the room and was gagged and then tied into the chair not only with cable ties but with ropes as well which went around his body and feet.   These were checked by a sitter and he tied the last knot on the rope.    The curtains of the cabinet were closed, doors and windows were sealed in the usual way, and all the light bulbs were removed from there sockets.   This left only the red light which was extinguished after the opening prayer had been completed.We were ready to start and the music was turned on, even at this stage in the proceedings the spirit entities were already making their presence known, and the mediums chair could be heard to creek and groan as they moved it and him around.   This got louder and louder and eventually loud knockings were heard on the wall.   Warren’s chair was banged about like somebody kept opening and closing a trap door.Ron commented that this was a usual thing and that he had had to repair the walls in the development room.All this continued for a couple of songs and in between them continual knockings were heard on the walls.   At the end of the second song a young girl was heard to be laughing.   This was Rachael.   It turned out that Rachael is the master or should I say Mistress of ceremonies for all Warren’s séances.   Rachael, we discovered from Ron, was only eleven years old when she passed to spirit, she fell into a pond and drowned (Visitors who get the opportunity to sit with Warren are asked not to ask Rachael about her demise, as this apparently makes her somewhat melancholy which in turn affects the quality of the rest of the séance).   Although, from a personal observation, I would find it hard to believe that anything could really affect Rachael, she is such a fun, warm loving character that fills the room with excitement and laughter.   She has plenty to say and enjoys telling stories and jokes all the time.   One of her party tricks is to spin the trumpets around the room at great speed and stop instantaneously just above someone’s head.   When she has finished with one trumpet, she throws it into the air and it lands on the floor in the middle of the room.   She then picks up another one and carries out the same procedure again and then again using three trumpets in all.Our first visitor after Rachael was Albert.   Albert is Warren’s Grandfather and is also quite a character, he has his serious moments, but is generally light hearted and comical.   Towards the end of the séance, Albert takes a luminous plaque and places his hand over it; he then proceeds around the séance room proudly displaying the card so that everyone gets a chance to see it clearly.   For those on the back row, he held it quite high in the air to enable them to get a better view.It soon became apparent that all of the regular spirit visitors lovingly referred to Ron as Granddad, this was continued throughout the séance and Ron was kept quite busy with music changes, getting items from under his chair and generally fetching and carrying for the spirit visitors.   (Without him leaving his seat, of course!)After Albert had left we were visited by a spirit that you could only describe as a “Sergeant Major” type of person, he was very difficult to understand because he was shouting out everything he said, just like a Sergeant Major on the drill square.   We did however pick up a few phrases such as; ‘nice people’,   ‘much energy’, and ‘funny looking lot’, then he left.   Rachael returned and agreed with the spirit, that we were a funny looking lot.   She then got us singing again and started to; ‘play’ more like banging, the drums and making as much noise as she could.   So much so that you could not hear the people singing just the noise from the drums, does a great paradiddle though.   After she had finished ‘playing’ the drums she handed them to one of the circle members.Yellow feather, who is Warren’s main guide, came through and greeted us all.   He is a great character and full of fun and making jokes all the time.   After a while he asked us to sing his favourite song which was “Old Mac Donald”.   I have heard this song sung many times during my life, but never quite like this.   Yellow Feather took great pleasure in making all the animal sounds mentioned in the song.   This was so funny; it became difficult to sing because of the laughter.   He apparently achieved his aims and commented on the laughter, saying that it had made the circle vibration much better and that the energies were much brighter in the circle now.   He said he had to leave, but that he would return later and walk around the room and talk to people.   Yellow Feather then left, apparently slowly, but noisily slamming the trapdoor closed behind him.   (I refer to the trapdoor only as a metaphor, as that is what it sounds like when one of our visitors departs, apart from the loud sucking in sound.Rachael returned and asked for the trumpets to be removed from the floor were she had thrown them.   She went on to introduce a spirit by the name of Alf.   Alf was a  lifetime friend of one of the sitters and he called for her by name, calling Pat.   Alf found it difficult to communicate at first, but he made his way down the room to where Pat was sitting, you could hear him shuffle his way down the room.   When he got to her he talked to her and patted her on the head.   As he was leaving he removed her glasses and left with them.  He shuffled his way back down the room and handed the glasses to Ron before leaving.Another visitor came to speak to Tony, and like Alf attempted to move down the séance room.   His name was Geoff, but unfortunately Geoff was unable to maintain the energy to get him there.   The same thing happened again when Tony’s mother tried to get to him, but unfortunately she never made it either.The next visitor came through very strongly, asking for Terrence.   It was Terry’s dad who had just come to tell him how proud he was off him and to wish him a Happy New Year.Then we had a visit from a much evolved spirit named Luther.   Luther was a Nubian Egyptian who had lived on the Earth plane over 900 years ago.   He spoke very clearly and with a very aristocratic voice.   He asked if there was anyone who wanted to ask a question, it went very quiet, “today would be a good time” he joked and one of the members of Warrens circle asked about spiritual development, to which he wanted to know why, for her self or for others.   Her reply was for others and Warren.Luther explained about spiritual development and went on about how they (the guides) had been working on Warren for about twelve years, but it had only been over the past fourteen months that they had been able to work with him in this way.   They needed to calm his mind and bring an inner peace which could only be achieved when he had come to terms with certain aspects of his life.   Luther asked for more questions which he got and answered them in depth and with some humour.   He then left slamming the trapdoor behind himA bit more music and Rachael was playing another of the many instruments that were on the floor.   Albert returned again.   It was at this point that he walked around the room with his luminous plaque.   The plaque was given to a young man who was attending his first ever séance.   You could hear Albert talking right up the end of the room away from the cabinet.Rachael returned saying it was time to show us some ectoplasm.   She had us singing Ten Green Bottles, from four, while she prepared things for us.   She came back and made us sing again from three.   Then we were treated to seeing ectoplasm coming from Warren’s mouth and up and over the cabinet.   This was shown to us twice in the red light, both to the comparatively slow count of five.   Having seen ectoplasm a number of times in the past, I was very impressed to see Warren’s spirit helpers perform this fete after such a short way into his development.   This is something that normally takes years to achieve.   I would also like to mention that the light was not a dim red light, but quite a bright one. Yellow Feather made his promised return visit, and with a great deal of humour he went around the room.   I consider myself very lucky that he came over to me.   He informed me that I have a very beautiful light within me, but why do I doubt myself so much?  I jokingly said that my middle name must be Thomas and he laughed and said that he new Thomas and would go and get him to speak to me.   He then patted me on the head and shook it from side to side.   I said, “Don’t shake to hard there isn’t much in there now” to which he replied, “I can see that, but didn’t want to say so myself!”   He then left me and spoke to others.Before Yellow Feather left us, he went on to explain the different things that had been happening during the course of the séance and unseen to those sitting.   He laughed and joked with everyone again, and demonstrated lifting Warren’s chair and banging it about without waking him up.   Then he left slamming the trapdoor as he did.Rachael returned again and we sang Nick Knack Paddy Whack to which she accompanied us with her ‘thingamabob’ whistle.During the next piece of music, some of the sitters were moved around the room while still seated in their chair.   When the lights were turned on they were in the middle of the room, still seated on their chairs.   Earlier in the evening Myra who was sat next to me, had one of Warren’s jumpers thrown onto her lap.   During the movement of the chairs I had another one dropped over my head.We were then visited very briefly by Sir Winston Churchill, he was very abrupt in his manner, and did not stay long.   This was followed very quickly by Louise Armstrong and everybody sang “The Saints” while Louise played his trumpet.Another visitor was the Grandmother of Belinda; again she tried in vein to reach her daughter but was unable to reach her.Ron’s daughter, Jenny, came through just to wish Ron a Happy Christmas.Rachael returned to say that it was time to close the circle and wished everyone a Happy New Year.   For the first time in the séance, Rachael became serious and talked about the lessons that we all needed to learn, from both the séance point of view and from life in general.The séance lasted about two and quarter hours.   It is difficult to do a séance justice by just writing about it, there is so much that you have to leave out.   You really do have to experience it at first hand to obtain the best possible value from it.I believe that this was without doubt, one of the best séances that I have had the privilege to experience and attend for some considerable time.  It was a séance that was packed with fun, laughter, gentle humour and light hearted banter.   This was mixed with a considerable helping of warmth, consideration and love from all who attended from both sides of life. If you had the opportunity to go and hand pick a number of spirit guides to work with you, you would be very hard pushed to do better than the group of helpers that work with Warren.   All, including Luther, who was the most serious of all, found time to make jokes and bring laughter into the room This was a first class séance and I for one am looking forward, with great anticipation to the next time I am able to sit with Warren Caylor




ADVANCED PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP DAYS ON IBIZA 2016 - Powerful Communicators and Phenomena at yearly Physical Mediumship retreat

The 'Hacienda de Bougainvilla' again provided the environment for the yearly experimental retreat on Ibiza, hosted like always by the 'Hans Schaer-Foundation for Mediumship Research' and its untiring chairman Dr. Hans Schaer.

Behind us lies a nine days journey of interdimensional experimentation, alien and afterlife messages, religious reminiscenses, amazing communicators and materialization phenomena - at the yearly Physical Mediumship-Week on Ibiza, Spain. I will outline the whole of activities here the last days but concentrating on the most peculiar productions of mediumship performances here on the Finca de Bougainvillas in the year 2016.

 They happened in an environment highly sympathetical and progressive.

Other Mediums, influential personalities and philanthropists like Lucius Werthmueller or Sabin Suetterlin or Bea Rubli, whose basic level of lived spirituality and humanity is so high, plus other shining personalities like the untiring Dr. Hans Schaer who hosted the event, were folks on the finca and provided this special atmosphere.

Like during the last years meetings three very different personalities of physical mediums exercised accordingly three very different forms of Physical Mediumship at the Finca in the year 2016.


There is the Irish Bill Meadows in his 70ies.

His main control Mary (Marie?) is a nine year old girl died in a german concentration camp. Together with a priest (Father James) and another communicator called Jonathan this team claims to work with the free energy the famous Scole Entities once have introduced to the world - so no classical ectoplasmic features can be seen here, but the power of 'free spiritual energy'.

The authenticity of Marie and her genuine behave through the séance is the main anchor for the sitter to be guided into the playfulness of her personality that take form as physical phenomena in front of the curtain, behind which Bill sits secured by Velcro and Strongest Cable Binds in his chair.

So in front of a background of changing communicators the phenomena progress to enter the sitters space more and more - and more and more interactions with them were being exercised, like for example Marie grasped for several sitters and danced with them in the empty space in front of the cabinet. Seconds later she wants the binding controls of the medium being checked. So the phenomenal highlight here is definitely the energy-materializations of different spirit forms in darkness and their interaction with sitters. It is on behalf of these materialized forms when different typical séance room objects are manipulated like illuminated séanceroom-trumpets, plaques, drumsticks and more.


Then we have the 46 yrs old Warren Peter Caylor, whose dynamic carreer started 15 years ago at Jennies Sanctuary, this well known center for the demonstration of rare forms of mediumship. Warren, who came professionally from the logistic branch originally, had his mediumship installed during an initiational episode during his childhood. 15 years after he was allowed to adjust and gain control over his channeled powers at Jennies Sanctuary i've met him again for the third time this year here on Ibiza.

Like in the years before i can describe him as a calm and quiet man, who is concentrated in what he is passionate for, who is generous, helpful and humorous and who is matured like all of us over the last decades.

I attended two mixed sessions with him and Bill Meadows and one of two full cabinet séances of him. The highlights in regards to Warren were clearly the visible display of icecold ectoplasm, shining dimly in the cabinet and which we were allowed to touch extensively. Its smell was strange and it did leave sticky residues on the skin.

Then the spirit control let drop a beautiful golden Buddha in front of the controlled medium and overhanded (virtually) it to me claiming i am a collector of those what is right. On the second séance - i was not attending due to exhaustion - besides the red light production of ectoplasmic strands a historical feature with strong religious reminiscenses was exercised. The turning of water into wine was announced and then somehow exercised by Warrens controls in so far that the water did indeed change into a wine-like appearing liquid, that had the smell of wine for some but actually failed to persuade fully when it was tasted. This was according to the announcements of the mediums controls who were experimenting with different amounts of alchemical ingredients to put into the water to change it. How the change exactly took place reports of those will reveal who were present.

Mediumistically this was for the last time achieved as far as i know by Keith Milton Rhinehart whose mediumship displayed strong religious undertones and who can be counted to the most impressive trance channel mediums of all times!


Meanwhile all ongoings were accompanied by strong light phenomena, the biggest one now emerged out of the dark of the cabinet and ascended to hover eventually above the cabinet over the whole time a last communicator was speaking: Ptaah!

The light was as huge as the front light of a car approximately and had an inner dynamic causing sitters to see faces and other forms within it!

When the communicator had finished it descended and vanished back into the cabinet...!

Starting to form its first words the sitters were stunned by this communicator. The way language was produced by him was 'alien' literally and only here and there actually the english language seemed to be used. Basically it sounded as if from under water a voice was communicating.

Fact is, that not before the main control was revealing the issues adressed by the Gatekeeper-personality 'Ptaah', resp. not before an analysis with headphones was endeavoured, the sitters could understand what Ptaahs speech was about!

English sections seemed to exchange with sections of a peculiar alien language absolutely undecipherable, but still clearly a language. In its vocals the language produced a strange strong tremolo-like vibration nobody could imitate afterwards.

 He talked about his relation to the personality Ptaah in the book of Thoth, resp. the 'Ptaah' within the Egyptian pantheon. He talked about the syntax of alien language and one of his main tasks to overview and supervise interdimensional communication attempts and cut them in the case space-time paradoxi could occur, like it was the case with the famous Scole Group in the ninetees.

In the days after this impressing sitting everybody was still hooked by the peculiar sound of the voice of this seemingly extraterrestrial communicator, referring to himself as being 'higher organized' mainly. The strangeness of this event was surely one of the most baffling ones over the week. For us the séance wonderfully displayed moreover a feature that is more rare in my mediumship.

Most of the communication is delivered by the main control for communication and the energy necessary for letting through others directly is saved allegedly for stronger physical phenomena. This instance now showed greatly that the mediumship is obviously easily able to let through different communicators of highly different characteristics and presented issues also.